Sharepoint List Column and Form setting issue.

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I have two issues with one of our sharepoint list. 


- It seems the column names are not consistent across users. 

- The column field editor is not shared across users. 


Basically,  I created a list which I then modified, including some field names.  However some users still only see the original version of the field names.  Columns seem correct, however they have the wrong names. 

Also in a similarly,  I havec created conditions for fields to appear on the ITEM form and have reorganised the fields in a particular order, however when looking at the form on some users some fields are in the wrong order (I believe its usually the fields with the wrong names. 


I have already checked versioning is activated which it is not  and permissions seem correct ( one of the users is also  a list owner)


The only difference I can see is that the language is not the same for everyone.  But I don't see how that would impact it.  The names don't use any french accents or symbols. 

any help would be appreciated. 



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