SharePoint list board view - possible to disable?

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I am currently using a list to hold ticket information with a PowerApps list form to edit the data.

Problem with this new view is it allows users to sidestep the logic that needs to be applied when closing a ticket / reopening a ticket / putting a ticket on hold as they can just drag from open to closed in this view.

Do we know if there is a way to either disable this view type or disable the movement of items in this list type?

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AFAIK, it's not possible
Try to use approval as the status
Interesting idea - any links/documents on would you go about doing that?
Only thing I have thought of doing so far is just getting rid of the choice field and using a single line of text instead and creating the combobox items manually in PowerApps.
Or I could do a lookup but don't want to his the threshold on the number of lookups in a single list.