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Im at a loss and not sure what is going on. I have a sharepoint library that holds pdfs that then get pulled by PowerApps to display them using Office365 profile info. This library has two columns, one is a people column that the associates name is entered into, the second is a text column using the below JSON to pull the email address. For everyone except this associate this works just fine. But for this associate it is just blank. I have another Sharepoint library that has the same set up, Associate Name and Associate Email and this specific associate works just fine. It is only in this library that the issue is coming up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ive also included screenshots of the two different libraries. 



   "$schema": "",
   "elmType": "div",
   "txtContent": "[$]"



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Is the second library with the working entries for "Jordon Mitchell" on the same site or on a different site?

If it is on a different site:
SharePoint stores information about users in a site collection in a hidden list, the "UserInformationList". Perhaps the list on the one site does not contain the email address.

You can find that list here

You can try to delete the user "Jordon Mitchell" from that view

Then your list will display no "Associate Name" in the lines for "Jordan Mitchell".
Edit these lines an re-add "Jordon Mitchell"

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They are on the same site, the one that works is a list, the one that does not is a document library if that makes a difference.