Sharepoint ios app issue

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Hi guys,


I have search everywhere on the internet but no results. I have a problem with IOS app: from 6 links on my page, 2 of them doesn't work ( literally don't do nothing when i press the button ). i've checked on my desktop, on my android phone... everything works great. even on ios it works if i enter from favourites tabls directly on the links. but when i press the button inside my page 2 of 6 don't do nothing ... the rest of 4 works perfectly. I really have no ideea what to do ( i have cleared cache, i've reinstall ios app 3 times, my ios is up to date, i've reset my phone ... none of this working so far )




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Have the same issue with the navigation... My SharePoint app shows 2 navigation, one with links that do work and the other doesnt work. Funny thing is in de SharePoint app i have the full navigation which is not possible because of "Audience to target" that is enabled.

When logging in with the browser (iOs Safari) i only get one navigation item, which i have permission to.

Seems the apps is a buggy product and maybe will be resolved in the near future (haha).

I read some people say this has something to do with HUB-Sites and navigation, cant confirm that i'll try to create a site with no HUB sites attach to see the outcome.