sharepoint import excel file with TAGS column

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Good Morning to all from Italy

forgive me for my bad English.


i have the following question

i have imported in Sharepoint an excel file with a column called TAGS like in the attached image

if i try to modify in Sharepoint the Column type to Choice (allow multiple choice) no chance to have multiple value imported.
there's a chance to do that ?




thanks to all

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@Mammifero When using multiple choice option on SharePoint, it uses slightly different separator i.e. instead of semicolon it uses ;# as separator.

Suggest to add a dummy record, export it to excel and then format the file to be copied using Quick Edit view.


a really BIG thanks to your very fast replay

now i have created the right procedure

i have modifyed my excel file like attached image







after the procedure in the field list i have written the tags value