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I am struggling with getting the Global navigation working, not sure if I am doing something wrong or if it's a timing issue?

I have read many MS and other pages and videos on Navigation and hub sites and think I understand it a bit but clearly, I am missing something.


Steps Taken

Via SharePoint Admin & Site Settings & PowerShell

  1. Created a Comm site (HomeSite)
  2. Set as the Home site, via PS [Set-SPOHomeSite -HomeSiteUrl https://...]
  3. Registered the HomeSite to a Hub site
  4. Changed the "look and feel" on the HomeSite, eg theme colors, layout
  5. The Global Navigation link is shown under the site's Settings menu with;
    1. Enable global nav "On" 
    2. changed custom logo for visual testing (and is shown on all pages now)
  6. Confirmed Hub Settings is "Shown in navigation"
  7. Associated another site (Site2), with the HomeSite 
  8. Created two more Comms sites (HrDeptHub) & (Onboarding)
    1. Associated Onboarding to the HrDeptHub site
    2. Added a parent association to the HrDeptHub to the HomeSite
  9. asdf


But in the end, I am not seeing any menu changes (horizontal page menus on the Comms site) and the Global Navigation is empty. I am logged into the site as the Site Owner and have a test user with basic permissions only.



Oddly the Theme settings/colors on the HomeSite (hub) are not propagating to the associated sites. In another test with 2 brand new sites (CommSite1 hub) & (Teamsite1), branding/colors are enforced on the associated TeamSite1. But I the Global Nav is empty, and the top Hub navigation (horizontal) only shows items from the site itself.

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After a day or so the Themes/colors from the hub site have propagated but the Global Navigation is still empty.
Did I miss any steps or anyone have suggestions on a resolution?