Sharepoint filter keeps coming back?

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I have a sharepoint list and every time I remove my filter but then when i return to it later the filter keeps coming back, also when I'm trying to export data it will only export data that it filtered (even tho the filter is removed)




I have like months 1-6 but it will always put the filter back on month 3, and i can only export data to excel from month 3 (even if i remove the filter)


How do i remove this filter for good so it doesnt keep coming back?

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@Shoekstra It might be hte view have filter applied .
Click on All items view (It may be differetn view for you) > Edit current view .


Then go to Filter section and see any filter applied If so change t oshow items in this view.

Hope this helps. 


Awesome, that did the trick, thank you :)