Sharepoint filter doesn't work

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We have this sharepoint where Team places findings. Asset column contains many different assets around 10. However, when I try to filter - it shows nothing. Same outcome for rest of Team. Total number of findings was left only 1700. Rest were archived. Even before archiving we got same outcome. Some time ago all was working fine. Cannot tell how long time ago, because before we didn't need this feature as much. How to fix filtering option?


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Hello @PoviZa 


this printscreen looks like that you are in Excel, not in SharePoint. I think, your Excel file is saved in SharePoint, but your problem is in excel, right?


Best, Dave

@David Mehr hey David. Thank you for coming back on my query. We managed to troubleshoot and fix issue internally. Thank you though. And yes, indeed it's excel file saved on sharepoint. My apologies for misleading. :)