SharePoint Document link broken by URL encoding of "?" character

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I ran into a a niche case today where the URL encoding of the "?" character to "%3F" in a SharePoint document link returns the error "Sorry, something went wrong. An unexpected error has occurred." Seems like something that SharePoint should be able to handle...

This occurred when a user exported a PowerPoint to PDF on a Mac. Underlying error though is that the URL Encoded link doesn't work.


Working link: https://{tenant}{site}/{SharingCode}?e=Smsfl2 

Failing link: https://{tenant}{site}/{SharingCode}%3Fe=Smsfl2 


This behaviour also fails for other links generated by Sharing documents

Can anyone else confirm that they see this behaviour?



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I am having the same problem. When I export a PowerPoint as a PDF on a Mac with Microsoft Stream links, the ? in the links[shortened]03f65226fd?st=115



Which breaks the links




i face also similar issues with a link which includes a # - when i open the excel in teams directly the link works correct. if i open the excel file in the app the link is broken and navigates me back to the home of the page.

For ppt to pdf creation. the # is removed and i get the same something went wrong message.

It has a huge impact currently by using links to navigate between different applications.




FYI the above issue stopped being a problem somewhere along the way. Not sure if it was an upgrade to PowerPoint or the PDF component that fixed it on my Mac