Sharepoint - Creator can only view/edit own documents

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Hi there,


We are looking to setup a document library (Sharepoint online) where users will use a Word document template to complete out a form (eg Banking details).


We want the document they create to be viewable and editable only by themselves as well as anyone from the HR team.

The user can share the document to allow one or more persons to have view/edit access (eg their manager)


We were hoping to avoid the requirement to Publish/Approve. Is this possible?


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@bevstatech, Using SharePoint OOTB capabilities only, it is not possible what you are trying to achieve.

But you can manage it by breaking the permission inheritance on document and replacing the permissions to grant the view/edit (or probably full control) permissions to you and HR team using Power Automate flow on document creation.

Later you can share the document with anyone with view/edit permission from SharePoint document library.

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Thanks @ganeshsanap for the reply. I have done as instructed and used Power Automated to break permission inheritance and apply permissions as required and it works great.

@bevstatech could you elaborate a bit more on what you did to achieve this? Thank you!