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Hi everyone,


I am not sure if this is the place to ask this, if not any suggestions on where to ask would be greatly appreciated. 


I would like to use SharePoint for content management, here is the desired outcome/ situation:


I have 15 people from 15 different team areas sending email updates monthly, rather then having the 15 emails sent out to the team I want a SharePoint web page  for each person to add their monthly updates and a home page that will show the all the updates from the 15 people in one central location. 


is this possible to do in SharePoint/ are there any examples of this?


Thank you!


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This is totally possible but one channel you will have is to give access to all these 15 people to the same SharePoint sites and here is the complete setup how you will do it.

Create a home page or the default page which will have to pull all the pages in this SharePoint site or base on the specific keyword as there might be other informational pages on the same SharePoint unfortunately it doesn't have categories option same like word press where you will say only pull the pages from specific categories.

So each of these 15 users will have to create a new page in the SharePoint monthly or what ever the requirement is and save/published, the home page will then show those pages, on the home page you could have setting to show up the latest article first and also specify number of articles/pages to be shown.

Hope this works better for you i have used the same use case and it work better.

Additional tips: if you use SharePoint Communication site will be great rather then using M365 group connected site or any other SharePoint Classic or modern sites.
thank you very much for the help