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Hi SharePoint colleagues, 


I must have missed something being away from work for some months and now getting back wanting to create a SharePoint calendar from Site contents > New App, and then it's a lot of other external apps and not the SharePoint apps with a normal SharePoint calendar as we have had for years. 

Anyone who knows if the old-fashioned SharePoint calendar is gone forever or how do I create it?

Thank you for your help. 

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@MarianneMD"Classic" calendar still exists. 1. One path is +New -> App -> the "My apps" page look for text/link "classic experience". This will take you to the classic apps page to select the familiar "Calendar".


2.  Or add "/_layouts/15/addanapp.aspx" to the end of your site url, will open up the classic apps page.



If you are using SP Online (I assumed this was your case).


Go to site contents:



At the bottom of the left-hand navigation:


Click on the "Return to Classic SharePoint" and you will get the classic UI:




Add app and then search for Calendar or scroll through the apps:



I suspect that MS is possibly trying to get rid of that old calendar or modernize it, but if you want the modern experience you can create a blank list and follow the link:





Create a calendar view from a list (


I did a quick test using the steps from the link and it looks fine:





@MarianneMD Microsoft recently changed the home page of SharePoint Apps. Calendar list template is available in classic experience.

However, you can still create Calendar app in SharePoint. Follow my answer given in below thread for detailed steps: Issue with adding app option 

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Thank you so much - this helped a lot:).