Sharepoint Calendar view Filter / Calculated columns?

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Hi all,


Is there a way to filter a calendar by another column?


I am using the new Microsoft lists but the option to filter gives me an error and then I just get a blank calendar


Otherwise anyone knows a trick to use calculated columns as the date for the calendar?


Help would be greatly appreciated. I have been stuck for months 

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Noticed the same error when adding more columns to calendar view, so I would say that it's not currently supported. 


Calculated fields cannot be used as date fields for calendar view. 

One option could be to use Power Automate to update stardard date field based on action, for example when list item is updated. What are you looking for to achieve with calculated date field in calendar view?

Hi @Matti Paukkonen 


Basically I have a list with events for 10 users, I just wanted to show an individual calendar for each user. Basically filter by user


What I thought of was to have a column for each user with the dates and use that for the calendar view


Problem is that they need to constantly update the date but I cant have 10 date box inputs in the powerapps form.


Any ideas?