SharePoint calendar integrate to Teams

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We are using office 365 SharePoint. This site Calendar list needs to integrate the "Teams" app. 


Is this possible?

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@JeyganeshI believe you are asking about Calendar list view Sharepoint yes you can put that as tab in MS teams General or any other channel by the following steps;


copy the URL of the calendar you wanted to have in Teams channel go to that channel click on + Add new tab > select website > put tab name and tab url > Save !


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If we use the website app it will show the entire SharePoint navigation.


So we are using SharePoint app to connect that but it shows the "Title" column id not showing the value in the Teams.


how to shows the Value?



@Jeyganesh  I think if you follow my steps by creating a tab using the website app this will work normally, so you have to open that calendar and then copy the url and put in tab you will still be able to see other links if there are any on that calendar list.

@PDostiyar If we use the website connector this will show all the sharepoint point links. its work like iFrame concept. 


But we need to show only calendar list other site navigation link must be hided.

@Jeyganesh  true but alternative you can create another page and just embed a calendar into that and then put that page to TEAMS will be what works for you again give it a try and lets see.


So I have setup a Sharepoint Calendar specific to a team in MS Teams.  I have linked it to the web URL.  It works perfectly on the computer.  However, when I or anyone on my team attempts to look at the calendar on their phone app, apple, it asks to download a calendar.  After downloaded, nothing happens.  If we choose the option of going to the web, same thing happens.. How do we get it so the calendar can be seen on the phone app?

Sorry for getting back late, if you create a SharePoint lists or the Microsoft lists which is new name you should be able to add it as Tab and it will work on Mobile app as Lists now has calender view too so don't use the calender web part instead use Lists claender view and it will work on both computer and mobile apps.