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Please Please help!  I am trying to merge multiple columns 2 of which are date columns [On Air Begin] and [On Air Last] and 1 is text column [ISP Only].  I've tried several variations of formulas but nothing I can think of works.


=IF([ISP Only]="Yes"), "ISP",TEXT([On Air Begin],"mm/dd/yy")&" - "&TEXT([On Air Last],"mm/dd/yy"))


I would like On Air Between to state ISP if ISP only is "Yes" but otherwise I'd like to combine the dates as text like it does for the rows indicated with AIRTIME.



Extremely grateful for any assistance!

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@THough335 Use this formula: 


=IF([ISP Only]="Yes","ISP",TEXT([On Air Begin],"mm/dd/yy")&" - "&TEXT([On Air Last],"mm/dd/yy"))


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Worked beautifully! Thank you for your assistance. You help is greatly appreciated!