Sharepoint App (iOS) fieldtypes turn out read only

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Some fieldtypes turn out read only in the iOS app för lists and libraries.


Anybody who knows if this will be fixed?



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Can you give more details about what field types turned out read only?
Lookup columns, managed metadata is the one I have been trying to use.
I am having the same issue. Created a new list so that my format would load native in Sharepoint iOS app (Was using tasks lists prior, but still loaded like old safari page). But I am getting (Read Only) next to my two lookup fields.

I'm having the same exact problem, have you been able to resolve this?

I'm having this issue as well, as described below. Has this been resolved?

2019 and this problem still exists

Diddo here too.  Read Only's all over the place :(


The fields that show "Tap to view available choices" are Choice fields. The "Read Only" fields are Lookup fields.
Wondering why it has not been solved yet. It makes managed metadata fields unusable. Not only read only, but not even readable as it’s value is a number.
This is juni 2019, I hope the Shareapoint app gets improved as PowerApps has.

@Rafael_Marinho 2023 and this problem STILL exists.

And the Feedback Portal link provided is no longer working, so no more upvotes. Guess Microsoft really doesn't want to fix the problem.