Sharepoint Access to Count Down Timer

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We use Sharepoint as our intranet. I am currently using a power app for an OSHA counter to say how many days we have had since an accident. I hate it so much because it is difficult to modify and I have to modify it with every summary incident. 


I would like to use the app in Sharepoint "Count Down Timer" as the OSHA counter and set the day to count up. It works perfectly and looks great. 


My problem is that I want to give access to the safety department to update the counter, but I don't want to give them access to the whole site/page because I don't want them to accidently mess something up on the home page. 


Is there a way to embed a counter from a sharepoint site to another share point site? Or is there a way to limit someone's permissions to only be able to access one application? 

Or does someone have a different solution? 

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Hi @meschclarke 


hmm, not really.


1. You can't give permission only to a webpart, only to the site or page (element)

2. Embeding it's possible, but look's not really good


Your choices:

1. Use OOTB, give the lowest permission to edit the cont down on start page and train, train, train...

2. Evaluate a thirt-party solution, that use the count down target from a list, so you can give permissions to that


regards, dave

Thank you for the response!