Sharepoint - access to a form from an external anonymous link without authentication or invitation

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I'm working in a SharePoint team site and for a "feedback project" i need the following :
- Everyone external the organization must access to a specified "form of feedback" (or powerapps form) linked to a list (only to this form and no other page or contents )
- No authentication is required to the user
- No invitation to the user from us
- Anonymous user access
- The link to the form or page will be inserted in a QRCode that everyone can use
- the user can only insert info in the form or "poweapps form" (and save or exit)

I have tried with different options to permit an external access without authentication or invitation, without success (always when i access to the link, ask me the login and password)

Is there anyway to do this?
Or is there another way or workaround ?

Please, i hope someone can help me


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@iqworld , have you considered looking at Microsoft Forms? Under "Settings" you can select "Anyone with the link can respond" which provides you with anonymous answers and no need to authenticate. 


If you need to use this form data in a SharePoint list later, you can export to Excel or use Power Automate (

@Emily_Mancini, thanks a lot for your help

i will see and i let you know


@Emily_Mancini The challenge with Microsoft forms is the data gets saved in OneDrive personal folder of the Admin who created the form. This creates individual dependency.

If we have SharePoint Online form, we can control the Admin permissions therein for accessing the data.

@Joeprakash I agree with @Emily_Mancini, Forms is definitely the way to go for this with a flow in Power Automate that is triggered when a new form response is received, get the details of the response and creates an item in a SharePoint list with a column for each answer in the form. It also means that if the anonymous user has provided their email address in one of the questions you can send a nicely-formatted "thank you" email back to them automatically. We always do do this at our company to ensure the form responses are saved properly, for audit reasons and to alert specific departments or staff as appropriate.


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Easy solution for that is to create a "Service Account" for that Purpose with the bare minimum licensing requirements.

A dedicated user account that is used exclusively for Microsoft Flow. You can have one for an entire company or many for each individual department or business unit and have a select set of individuals access and maintain the forms saved on these accounts. 

You can also manage access by leveraging security groups.