share "using specific people" add expiry facility

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I have scenario where i want to share a file with a guess user not as a anonymous link rather a file which cannot be forwarded using specific people so that the recipient user needs a token to open for  a non Microsoft  domain user. 


However, the anonymous links had an advantage of providing the expiry. This feature is not present with share "using specific people". 


Could you please let me know how to put the timer and expiry with specific sharing.

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We don't have this feature Today in SPO and ODFB, but as announced at SharePoint Conference it's coming!

I'm going to jump in here and provide a small correction :) 


We are not building expiration of individual links just yet. Instead, we are building what we call "Expiring external access" which will let you expire external access on a per-site level (instead of a per link level). 


For example, if the policy is 90 days:

On Day 1, you share Doc1 with a user. They will now expire on Day 90.

On Day 30, you share Doc2 with the same user. They still expire on Day 90.

On Day 90, they lose access to Doc1 and Doc2. 


This should still meet your needs but it will actually cover more cases than just expiring sharing links. Let me know if you have any questions!


Stephen Rice

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Interesting Stephen!!! When can we expect this?

@Juan Carlos González Martín you should see this a little bit later this year. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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@Stephen RiceHello, will this apply to Teams/Office 365 Group membership also or just to SharePoint sites. Do you have a link to the announcement? Thanks.

Hi @Kevin Hoyt,


This will not apply to O365/security group membership. You can control access in similar fashion using the Azure AD Access Reviews feature. 


As far as links to the announcement, the closest I can find at the moment is from our SPC 19 talk which can be viewed here. Expiration demo and announcement starts at 48:20 or so. Enjoy!


Stephen Rice

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@Stephen Rice Thanks for the info! I was able to find the announcement here: Security announcements


The problem with access reviews is you have to define and name every group where you want them applied, you can't create an access review policy and have it apply to ALL groups and then any new groups that are created. Very disappointing. I want to create an access review to force owners to validate external users to their Teams and there is no way to do that without creating a manual process of monitoring when new Teams are created to add them to the review. Less than useful for me.

Hi @Kevin Hoyt,


That is great feedback, thanks for sending it our way! If you haven't already, I'd make sure to submit it over at as well. 




Stephen Rice

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@Stephen Rice I don't understand why I cannot find the option 'Guest access to a site or OneDrive will expire automatically after this many days' in the Sharing of SharePoint Admin.




This feature is not showing up yet as it has not yet rolled out to Production customers. This should start rollout in January/February. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

RE:  Guest access to a site or OneDrive will expire automatically after this many days”  


Hi Stephen,


It is Jan 2021, is the roll out of this feature still on track, Covid and changing priorities may be impacting things at your end?  I tried searching the Microsoft roll out road map for this feature, but could not find it, spoke to MS support, they could not find it either?  I am the global Administrator, still cannot see the feature option at my end, any update on this.  


Thanks in advance,


Hi @Stew1234,


Sorry for the delay here! The team has been working through a few last minute bugs that popped up in our testing and we're working on getting this out as soon as possible. The Message Center post should still be live and we are it as changes are made. 

We know this is a much-waited for feature and we're excited to get it out there as soon as we can! Thanks!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

@Stephen RiceWhen is this feature deployed in production? It's May now..

Hi @Berendsen22061993,


Unfortunately it's taken us a little longer to squash the last few bugs that we'd hoped. The good news is that we are now good to go :) The Message Center post should have been updated recently and we'll begin the rollout in the next two weeks or so! Very excited to finally get this into your hands!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

@Stephen Rice -- would you be able to shed some light on why this functionality still isn't available? In my organization I still don't have an expiration option for "specific people" links in OneDrive OR SharePoint. This feature would be useful not just for "external" users, but for internal as well. There have been lots of scenarios where our users would like to be able to share one file with someone from another department, and have it expire automatically. Any plans to add expiration to "Specific People" links?

Hi @mgudites1,


For now, we recommend using the site-level expiration feature which we shipped a year or two back. We don't have anything specific to share about expiring of individual links... yet ;)


Stephen Rice

Principal Product Manager, OneDrive

@Stephen Rice 


Im assuming there has been no movement on this since your last comment?  Its a bit frustrating that its been a huge feature request for multiple years now.  You have it for "anyone with the link" i dont understand why you cant implement for the other categories of shared items.