Setting External Sharing Policy at Document Library Level

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I am aware that you can set the external sharing policy for SharePoint Online at the tenant level (for the org as a whole) and at the Site Level (for individual sites).  But I am looking to take it one level deeper.  Can you have a different external sharing policy for different document libraries in a site?


  • Org - sharing policy set to "New and Existing Guests"
    • Site A - sharing policy set to "New and Existing Guests"
      • document library external - sharing policy set to "New and Existing Guests"
      • document library internal - sharing policy set to "Only people in your organization"

Trying to have users work in only one site but have two document libraries, one for sensitive files that should never be shared externally and one for files that need external collaboration.  I really don't want to have to create two SP sites per department.  There has to be an easier way.



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@viiiball Hi, you really should look at the sensitivity labels for containers. I love them and have all the settings one would like to use.


  • Privacy (public or private) of teams sites and Microsoft 365 groups
  • External user access
  • External sharing from SharePoint sites
  • Access from unmanaged devices
  • Authentication contexts (in preview)
  • Default sharing link for a SharePoint site (PowerShell-only configuration)
  • In preview: Site sharing settings (PowerShell-only configuration


Use sensitivity labels with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, and SharePoint sites - Microsoft ...


I'm sure you will benefit by using this too (GA September) Application of a “default label” to an unlabeled file uploaded to a SharePoint Online document libra...