Send an email alert to a static and dynamic user from the sharepoint list column

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Hello guys, I am pretty new to sharepoint. I created a sharepointlist which stores data from the powerapps.

The list contains multiple columns including the name and email of the one who modified the row 


What I'm trying to achieve is for sharepoint to send an email to the person who modified (dynamic) the row and to myself since I am an admin.


I manage alerts working and results are as expected but only issue is it's only sending to myself since I am the one who created the alert, but I also want it to be sent to the one who modified the row.

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Welcome to both SharePoint and the TechCommunity.


What would help you out here is a Power Automate flow.  The alerts functionality that I suspect you're using is native to the product and is rather old.  It only presents a very basic set of options with very limited flex for customisation / dynamism.


Power Automate will allow you to connect to the specific site / list and specify a sequence of events that can be built into the alert.  I've mocked up a quick demo screenshot of this.  I've spun this up from a template Microsoft have provided called "When an item in a SharePoint list is modified send an email"



Yup, already tried that one but I want to see what was the last value before it got modified/changed



Are you using version history on this list?

I don’t think so, I’ve never heard that yet. Can i integrate that to mg sharepointlist?



If you want to send an email when list item is updated then you have to use the Power Automate flow.


Also, if you want to send an email notification if specific column is changed then you can use the recently released List rules  feature in SharePoint online.

Read more about list rules at: Rules in SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists 

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@Steven Andrews 


I have enabled version history on my list. searched online if its possible to send an email to the one who modified but still no luck