Restoring deleted SharePoint files in bulk

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Hi Community!,


One of my colleagues managed to delete 1000+ files from a SharePoint site and we are restoring them set by set using the SharePoint restore option available on the site itself. I am keen to know is there any solution to do a bulk restoration method that can be done to retrieve them all at once. 


Your suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your replies. 




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@Shanza As far as I know, and like you mention, by default you can select multiple elements in the site's Recycle Bin and restore them to their original location. I don't know of any other batch restore functionallity unless you use a third-party backup solution.

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Yes, multiple selections in SharePoint recycle bin is possible. However, although it shows everything is selected, as I scroll down the numbers increase. That's the reason I want to know if there's an efficient way to do a one-off restoration. Something like selecting a time and date of the files to restore files.
@MagnusGoksoyrOLDProfile, appreciate your reply. 




Unfortunately, experience to restore files from Recycle bin is painful with endless scrolling. I wish MS implements pagination instead of bottomless scrolling. You have to select a bunch, restore and repeat.

Is there no option via powershell

You might want to try this:
(I have not tried it myself so you should test it before you use it)