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I have two separate document libraries that have site columns and a customize content type for documents.  In both libraries, a few of the fields are indicating they are required in the document properties and the user is not able to save.  I've removed those fields from the content type and it still shows in the document properties that they are required.  They are not required on the library.  Both libraries I have a Flow Automate doing different things, so not sure if that is causing an issue, because I have not had this problem in the past with either Content Types with Site Columns or Flows.

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I've seen similar things like this before; did you remove the fields from the list content type or the site content type? Do you have multiple content types configured for the doc library, such that those fields are required for some types?

@Kim Williams You have to remove the fields from parent content type and opt for updating all the children content types (added to all libraries).


Did you ever edit the content type or site column settings directly from document library settings which might have made unique copy of content type specific to that document library and any change you are making in parent type are not being pushed to the content type at document library?

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@ganeshsanap One of the libraries that I was having an issue with the Parent Content type only has Name and Title, but if I view the content type from the library it has the columns (minus the ones that were showing as required). But I did notice the Parent Content Type is using a different document template than the library content type. Could that be an issue on this particular library?
@PaulL I removed the fields from the library content type. I only have one content type that has an excel template associated with it.

@Kim Williams I might be on the wrong track, but if the file cannot be saved from Excel desktop, maybe try going into the File Info -> Advanced Properties -> Custom tab to see if the field is in there, and deleting it .