Replacing Smartsheets with Sharepoint Lists

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Hi all,


We are considering switching from Smartsheets to using Sharepoint Lists for same project mgmt. functionality. (Smartsheets is increasing our legacy pricing by 200%)... We currently use Office 365 and Sharepoint. Has anyone done this? Any pointers? Would Sharepoint lists offer close to the same functionality as Smartsheets?

It seems that the "modern" sharepoint lists don't presently support or have same functionality has the old version. i.e. no gantt chart, etc. So likely we would have to use the non-modern format for this purpose, right? Are there any apps that can work with Sharepoint lists to give us more "Smartsheet-like" functionality.

We are also looking at the relatively new MS Project for the Web... which we already have too and it offers kanban and gantt, but may be too limiting in other aspects.

Anyone who has any thoughts or suggests about what we can try, I would greatly appreciate it.


Thanks - Clayce



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If you use Smartsheets for PM functionality, I would recommend instead looking at Project, Planner, or Azure DevOps depending on your requirements and the maturity of your PM organization.

DevOps is largely free (access to file repos require a Basic or VS license) and there are 3rd parties which extend DevOps for portfolio views into your projects. One example which I'm aware of but don't have direct experience with is

@Trevor Seward thanks for the feedback. Are users really like the "spreadsheet" like nature of smartsheets and its ease of use. Planner is too basic and Project and DevOps are too complex for most of them... really just looking for a product that allows users to work in excel like worksheet, can easily add fields, share with others, but then also have gantt chart and dependencies between tasks. Project for the web might be a solution, but that too is still pretty feature limited... Sharepoint Lists seems to come the closest, but only available in the non-modern version, so may end up having to go with that.


thanks again- Clayce

@crodamer did you have any luck finding something or someone that was able to migrate your sheets/templates over?  We are in a similar situation and knowing that lists/planner can do most of what SS does seems like we are wasting money.

Thanks for any info.

@crodamer, were you able to find any solution? I am on same boat and looking for recommendations.
I'm in the same situation. We have Sharepoint and I'd like to use it, if possible.

Looking for a similar solution. Have you found anything yet? @crodamer is Smartsheet competitor.