Replace/Keep Both not avaiable when uploading new version

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One of our users wants to download a file from SP document library, make changes, and reupload the file. The reupload should replace/overwrite the old version that is already there. However, I'm seeing different behavior on different sites when trying to do this. I'd like for the "Replace or Keep Both" options pictured below to appear, but on this particular site, the user sees the error message below. There is no option to replace or overwrite, the user has to delete old file and then reupload. It has already been verified as not a permissions issue.


Any idea how to solve?



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Please check in your existing file
There may have some file stuck in office upload center. Please verify and if exist then clean office upload center files then try to re-upload.

@cloudshobhitbhalla This is happening for every user, not just one. Also for every document. Would your suggestions still apply?