Removing Choices in a sharepoint list if answer is listed as an item.

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Hello, I'm fairly new to SharePoint. My knowledge is minimal. I've recently began to try to make an appointment signup for my work center. My issue is with the choice column I am using for users to select the time of their appointment. Im struggling to find a way to remove choices as they are selected so other users can't select the same time slot. I'd imagine its certainly doable via column formatting but Im not familiar with how it works. 


What I've tried to do is use MS Forms paired with choice eliminator. It would work; however, my business has security measures in place not allowing me to download google extensions. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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@Will_bhumble1201 out-of-the-box SharePoint has never been able to avoid clashes, and there is no way within SharePoint to alter the choices shown in a choice column.


When I needed to build a desk booking system for our offices during COVID I did it with Power Apps as the front end and SharePoint lists as the backend. It was based on the solution offered by April Dunnam at

although my app was quite a bit different as I had multiple offices to deal with.

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