Remove IRM on protected files in Document Library while IRM already has been disabled


Does anybody have any idea if its possible to recover the access to restricted documents in a Document Library which was protected with Information Rights Management?


Back in 2018 IRM was disabled on this library and throughout the SPO-ADMIN Center.

Alle files before 2018 are still protected and not accesable.


Does anyone have any idea how to get access or unprotect these online files?


Already tried with a support case via Microsoft but that hasnt helped a bit.

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I suppose you're talking about the legacy SharePoint IRM feature here. I haven't used that but as IRM uses Azure Rights Management I'm thinking you might be able to use any of these permissions.

Export or Full control, rights management issuer/owner or for sure the super user feature.

You could try this cmdlet too as SharePoint or Global admin
Hi Christian,

Thanks for your suggestions but the Unlock-SPOSensitivityLabelEncryptedFile doesnt change a thing.
Also the Unprotect-RMSfiles didnt help us.

Anyone with any other suggestion?
Super user will do it. If not, I have no idea and you better reach out to the official support.
What do you mean by Super User will do it? I executed all commands from a global admin account.

Read the article. Global admin won't solve anything if it's not enabled.

Sorry ;)

SuperUser looks like the way the go but how can i execute a set-aiplabel command against a sharepoint online path/location? Or do i have to download or connect over webdav to execute such?
As documented you cannot use SPO path or webdav.. so I suppose you need to move those files elsewhere, especially if there are many. You can look at the -Path parameter to see what's supported. Good luck!