"Add version" button in SharePoint Online

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Does Microsoft have plans to introduce an "add version" button in the near future?


This button would allow the user to select an existing document, select a file for upload which is then added as a new version to the exisiting document.

Currently (at least that I am aware of) the only way in SharePoint Online to add a new version to an existing document is bij uploading / drag-and-dropping a file with the same filename to an already existing document in the document library. The user then is prompted whether he/she wants to replace the document (and therefore adding a new version to the document)


In my company, we have a lot of official published documents that need to be upgraded from time to time. Adding this button saves a lot of work for the users.

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Actually, a new version of the document is created when you edit the document directly from SharePoint Online and you make any change and also if you just change document metadata

@Boudewijn Okkema Agreed, this would be very, very helpful!  I've requested this enhancement several times but it doesn't sound like there are any plans to add it to the product roadmap.  There are lots of use cases where you either can't all edit the document centrally so that it's automatically versioned and where the file name will not be identical.  (Case in point:  working on one-off document reviews with outside parties, like attorneys.)  All of the other document management platforms I've used over the years (at least a dozen) have an "add version" option.

We have a list of templates, and when we refresh the templates (in Google Drive) we take a copy, work on it till it's good to go, then "Add new version" with the updated template. We share the links everywhere in the company, and some of the templates are quite complex. In a move to m365 this functionality not existing will really add a lot of overhead to our publishing process.