Quick way to send hyperlink and path to folder

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I normally work off files from my File Explorer and let the files sync. However, when I need to send a hyperlink to a specific folder to another person, I have to navigate to SharePoint, drill-down to the specific folder and then click copy-link within that folder, I edit the text that is shown and then send it off. 


These drill-downs are normally several folders deep and it's a lot of clicking to get to a link. For example:

SharePoint > Main Folder > Folder 01 > Sub-folder 01 > sub-folder 02 > folder 03


Is there a way to get the hyper link to the folder from my File Explorer? 

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If you create a 'Short-cut' to the Library from SharePoint in the browser, then it adds a link in OneDrive. In Windows Explorer, go to OneDrive folders, navigate to the Short-cut and down to your subfolder. Right click and share.

@Steve Knutson Thank you, exactly what I was looking for.