Quick links webpart will not open link

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I'm new to Sharepoint and trying to create a simple site using sharepoing on web. I'm having issues with quick link webpart. I have created multiple links with custom image icon(see below) and assigned links to a different page within the same site. The issue is after publish none of the links work when user clicks on any of the icon link. If however I link to a document it opens fine. 

What might be issue here?



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Can you show a printscreen of your links in the sidebar?

After publishing the page, if I goto Edit this is how it shows, the link disappears



When you click the change button and then you choose the last option in the new screen "true link", past the url, click the confirm button on the bottem, and finally republish, the link doesn't work?
It works for the first instance and after reloading the page it goes back to same as before

I am having the same issue now. Did you ever resolve this issue? @abdulhadi10 

@abdulhadi10 I just encountered this as well and it appears to happen when you paste in the page name for the site that you are linking to when it is being created which causes special characters to be appended to the beginning of the URL (in my case, the characters were %E2%80%8B).  Note that if you try to go to the path of the page by typing it into the browser without these characters, you will receive a 404 not found message.  When selecting a page with this issue to put in the quicklinks, I'm guessing it is throwing an error because it doesn't recognize the special characters and removes the malformed URL.  The fix for this is to rename the page that you are attempting to add to the quicklinks by deleting out the existing page name and manually re-typing in the page name.  You should then be able to link to the page without issues.  



%E2%80%8B is the code for a "ZERO-WIDTH SPACE" character.