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Hi Everyone,


We are trying to create a QR code, that would open a template, and then save it into a specific sharepoint folder. I was able to add a template through site settings, but I have no luck in creating correct QR code. File is in online excel. Thank you

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  1. Upload the template to a SharePoint library: First, upload the template to a SharePoint library. Make sure the library has the necessary permissions for the intended users to access and save documents to it.

  2. Generate the QR code: There are several online QR code generators that you can use to generate a QR code. One option is QR Code Generator (https://www.qr-code-generator.com/). Enter the URL to the SharePoint library where the template is stored in the generator, and it will create a QR code for you.

  3. Test the QR code: Test the QR code to ensure it opens the SharePoint library where the template is stored.

  4. Create a new file from the template: Once the user has opened the template using the QR code, they can create a new file from it by selecting "New" and then "New from Template." The new file will open in Excel Online.

  5. Save the new file to the SharePoint folder: Once the new file is created, the user can save it to the SharePoint folder by selecting "Save As" and then choosing the desired SharePoint folder.