Permissions Q: Blog (visible to company) & Planner (limited access)

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Trying to plan permissions for a SharePoint site OR decide to use 2 sites.  I want:

  1. A Blog (read-only to everyone in the company) - currently just posting "news" articles.
  2. A Planner (write access to key people - aka my boss)


Is this possible w/ a SharePoint online site?  I don't want to accidentally make my Planner visible to the entire company.  





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Hello @kduck 


SharePoint sites and Planner (= Microsoft 365 Group) have different permission concepts, for your case, i recommend you to create 2 different site:


1. a SharePoint site for your blog, you can give read for everyone and write for different people

2. a Teams Site (Groups connected) for your planner, you have only member and owner permission, non read permission possible


Regards, Dave