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Is there an OOTB way to pull a list of people and user groups that have access to a SP site(s).  I heard you must have Admin rights to do this, so if this is true?  Is there a work around to this?  

P.S. using the OData option in Excel seems to only work for getting a list of members IN a user group.  

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Hello @virginia2022 


that's right, you need to be a site owner or site member that you have access to site permissions.


I think, it's not the idea, that give workaround's for security...


Regards, Dave

@David Mehr 

I can see the permissions. I just need them in a better format. If I could pull a list of some sort that resembled an excel list or some other flexible format, that would be nice. 

Hello @virginia2022 


ok. For permission reports we use thirt-party tools or powershell scripts, and yes, you ned admin permission for that.


I think you mean this one with OData option in excel:


Looks like it's only for individual groups, not for the whole list of people and groups on a site...


Regards, Dave

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