OneDrive/SharePoint issues syncing.

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I have a client that is missing syncing ability with a couple folders from their business SharePoint. Unlink and relinking the OneDrive and then syncing each folder worked, except for two sets of folders that refuse to sync from the portal giving this error: "Sorry OneDrive can't add your folder right now". I have also tried completely re-installing Onedrive to no avail. All the client needs to be able to do is upload and download files from/to a co workers SharePoint folder within the file explorer.

This is happening on two different machines with the exact same sync. Sometimes things will sync up finally for a couple minutes and then Onedrive goes back to spamming "processing changes". In the past, onedrive hasn't given me much trouble. It's usually a pretty painless experience so something is definitely wrong here. One of the computers is azure joined, the other isn't as it's on home and the clients personal computer. That same personal computer also has multiple microsoft school accounts on it which I originally thought was causing issues as they had OneDrive Personal and OneDrive business running at the same time, two cloud icons in task bar - but now that I'm seeing the same problems on the clients work computer it leaves me very confused, maybe the personal computer has messed up the sync on both... At one point they had on their file explorer their Business onedrive with the skyscraper building icon, and then below a normal one drive with the typical cloud logo yet it still had their businesses name and contained a folder called something like "my files", inside this folder was three more linked folders from the co workers one drive yet they still weren't synced. Any ideas?
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