New SharePoint User; Many Questions

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I am a Bank On Yourself Professional.  I am part of a 14-person agency with agents and administrators scattered across the country.  We do have an Office 365 account.  We need an agency intranet and SharePoint seems to be the logical choice.


What is a good resource for a new user, like myself, to learn the basics of SharePoint?  I have very basic questions like: the difference between a Page and a Site, can I sync a document library to OneDrive, how can I lock out the majority of my associates from editing or changing pages/sites, what's the difference between a library and a list of files, should we link to OneDrive or have duplicate files on OneDrive and SharePoint?  The list of questions goes on and on.


I am open to your suggestions and thank you in advance for responding.


Mark H.


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@BOYPro Check these links:


  1. SharePoint documentation 
  2. Sites vs Pages
  3. You can add shortcut to SharePoint document library to your OneDrive
  4. Locking users from editing the pages: Grant them Read access so that they cannot edit pages. Check: Understanding permission levels
  5. Lists vs Libraries in SharePoint
  6. Do not create duplicates in OneDrive and SharePoint. If you need any documents for yourself, use OneDrive. To share documents with the team, use SharePoint.

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In addition, you may want to start your planning process with this resource: This will put what you are asking about in detail into a broader context so you have a framework for making many of the inevitable trade-offs and decisions you will need to make.
Thank you all for responding. Unfortunately, my agency needs are unique -- how many times have you heard that before -- and I'm not convinced that Sharepoint is the tool we need since I can create shared folders on Onedrive.

I think we're going to start migrating our files from DropBox to Onedrive and when everyone is comfortable with that, we will come back to see if Sharepoint has any value added for us.

Thanks again.


@BOYPro Mark, adopting OneDrive first is a pragmatic approach before evaluating SharePoint. Once the team is acclimated to OneDrive, we can assess if SharePoint confers additional advantages - reducing information siloes via centralized document libraries, organizing content taxonomically to facilitate search/discovery, streamlining cumbersome review processes.


However, prudent change management dictates incrementally integrating new systems - establishing strict initial permissions, piloting team site utilization before broader deployment, and measuring value iteratively. This should allow us to ultimately determine if consolidating platforms within SharePoint to eliminate fragmentation and better support institutional workflows makes strategic sense, without overwhelming users initially. Please advise how I can further assist.