Need help on creating Employee Directory for Modern Sharepoint

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Hi, I am new to SharePoint and I have been assigned a task to me to create a custom Employee Directory using either Office365 or Azure AD Connect to get all the information. All the tutorials I have researched are based on the older versions of SharePoint and I cannot get any of them working. The basic functions I would want in the Employee Directory would be to List out employees by name or department, filter out certain accounts, being able to dynamically update. Anyone can point me to a tutorial that will assist me in making my own Custom Employee Directory? I am trying to avoid the paid apps that are available in the store. 

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Take a look at the SPFx WebPart you can find in GitHub and see if there is one that might fit what you have asked for:

Do you know how to filter the account names? Some accounts are not actually users in the directory. @Juan Carlos González Martín 

Filter the users on given namn (serviceaccounts and other non-user accounts do not have the personal information added to then).

How do I edit the web part to do that?@ArefHalmstrand 

@ShahrinIdzuan Did you get solution for Employee directory? I am looking solution for the same issue.

Have you figured it out, how to filter service accounts?