Navigation Collapses on Lists

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I have a Navigation on the Left side. An Expanded section stays expanded as long as I open pages from the section, but if one of the links in the section brings me to a List, the Navigation collapses.


I would expect that the Navigation section keeps expanded.

-> Is it a Bug? a Feature? 




Global Navigation:

Display the same navigation items as the parent site 
(Parent is using Managed Navigation.)


Current Navigation:

Structural Navigation: Display only the navigation items below the current site

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I know this an old post but was there any resolution.  Can't find anything!


SharePoint app bar is available in all SharePoint sites. If you access your lists from within a SharePoint/OneDrive you will have access to app bar but not when accessed through Lists service.

@Bharath Arja I think original question by @PhilAlg is related to left navigation (quick launch) on team sites and not related SharePoint app bar.


@wwisner Are you facing the issue with left navigation (quick launch) on team sites or SharePoint app bar?

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