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I am not sure how to complete the list column lookups in this site. Probably need to redo the lists. 

Or .... the solution is probably to use a SharePoint Form?


Here we go....


Here's the list for the end user, Drawing List:


Dwg NumberCategory CodeCategory NameDwg Type NameDwg Type Code
9x1axz102Survey & CadastralKey PlanS


Dwg Number is a Title column, value entered by the user


Category Code and Name are 2 columns resulting from user selected lookup here are the first few columns in the Category List (there are actually 70):


Category NameCategory Code
Survey & Cadastral02


It's the final 2 columns I am struggling to figure out.


2 more lists


Drawing Type List (example rows):


Dwg TypeCode
General PlanC
Long SectionL
Key PlanS


and the relationship list, providing available drawing types per Category using only the Code values in columns named Dwg-Type-By-Category (example inly):


Category CodeDwg Type Code


I am hoping that when a user creates a new Drawing in the Drawing List, they provide the value for the drawing number, then they select the applicable category. The lookup provides category name and code. Then the hard part that I cannot figure out, hence this post. Need a lookup that will filter only the applicable dwg types using the category code AND provide a list of drawing type NAMES. That's lookup in the relationship list and lookup in the dwg type list to provide the dwg type names to the user.


In the example drawing list, the lookup listed ... General Plan (C) and Key Plan (s) for user selection following user selection of 02 (Survey and Cadastral) category.  


I hope this makes sense.

Thanks for reading and thx for your patience.






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I got it!!!!!

Thx to caring ppl that share ... and ... sharing in almost correct words ...

Two URsL helped:


LookUp from another list dependent on values on another cell - Microsoft Community Hub


and the solution provided for post 1:


Working with Cascading Lists in SharePoint and Power Apps | Microsoft Learn


now to apply the "learning" to this specific task ....

please dont delete this thread ... I plan to add the resulting list view / form