MS Clarity and Hubsites


We're starting to use MS Clarity to assess traffic and behaviour on our intranet. Our intranet is a hubsite with 40+ associated sites.


Do we have to install MS Clarity to 

1. the hubsite and each and every associated site

2. the hubsite only (and it will surface the associated sites in a single project)

3. something else

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Microsoft Clarity is a website analytics tool that provides insights into user behavior on websites. To use Clarity, you need to install the Clarity tracking code on the website you want to analyze.

In your case, if you want to assess traffic and behavior on all 40+ associated sites, you will need to install the Clarity tracking code on each of those sites individually. Installing the tracking code on the hubsite alone will not be sufficient to track user behavior on the associated sites.

Once you have installed the tracking code on all the sites, you can create a single Clarity project that includes all the sites. This will allow you to view and analyze user behavior across all the sites in one place.

Please also follow this documentation as well :

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Go for Nr 1.  As when installing it will install as an extension that you get the option  to add on on all sites. This is the best approach as you don't need to add it to each site.


So what I recommend that you add them to all sites and then create a new project in Clarity with the root site fir SharePoint, now you will  get data on all sites and you can filter what site you want to see. You  filter on URL when needed.

João Ferreira has created a plugin that you can use: