Move/Copy SharePoint Pages from one Site to Another in Classic View

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Hi everyone, I've recently been tasked with moving site pages from one site to another. I've read how you could use Classic view to do this. I'm a SharePoint administrator for our company and have made myself admin of the two sites I'm working with.


Problem is, whenever I try to move/copy pages across and put the URL in, it always says I don't have right access for it and would need to request permission from the site owners (me essentially) and no matter how many times I approve myself it just keeps looping me back to the same problem.


Does anyone know what's causing this or what I'm doing wrong?

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Unfortunately, no. We ended up purchasing the third party application called ShareGate. It works perfectly. But As others mentioned, it is strange to me that MS isn't providing a solution to such a simple and common action the end users need.

@Rie0205 Thanks - we have ShareGate as well. Does it move the images in the Site Assets library automatically?

Yes. If you choose the "Copy Structure," it will basically copy everything over, images, columns, metadata, and such.

@RobElliott I couldn't get this to work. The identifier dynamic content was never offered. I am an admin too so not sure why. Any suggestions. 

@hportCL Same for me. i've tried and tried but that "identifier" never comes up when i select "Site Pages"in tyhe "Get Files" step. When i use one of the Libraries from the dropdown list it works fine but i'd reckon it's something when the "Get File" Step not reading the "Site Pages"Correctly (Hence returning no options).


I've not been able to figure out why. Clearly it works for others in this thread so i'm rather stumped

@RobElliott For anyone reading this in the future. This method didn't work for me (and some others in this thread. From what i can tell Power Automate has changed a bit and this method doesn't work).


So here is the updated version as of 2022: (as a bonus: This works for site assets too i'd imagine (not tested yet)


Cope sites Power Autotmate.png

Hello Rob I am facing an issue while creating the flow can you please help me with do I have to add the copy column first and than add create the flow?



I tried to do this exact flow, but It will not let me test it, nor do I have an option to run the flow.

What am I missing?

@Corbenik I found this post while researching my own issue. I couldn't find instructions for copying pages in Classic. For those that don't want to go the Automate route, I'm including the Classic steps.


As for the error messsage, as an SCA, I too received the error you described and my resolution was to add my account to the Owners group on the destination site (my account was only listed as a SCA).


1. Go to the Site Pages library.
2. Click Return to Classic SharePoint.
3. Click the File tab in the ribbon. Select the checkbox of the page to copy. Click Send to and then select Copy.
4. Enter the link of the destination site’s Site Pages library. Rename the page (optional). Click Ok.
5. In the Copy dialog, click Ok.
6. Close the Copy dialog box.
7. The copied file will appear in the target library.


For screenshots and additional information read this.

Thank you for all these suggestions. I have tried just about all of them but cannot seem to get the contents of the Site Pages to carry over into the destination library. The file is copied, but when I open the page from the destination library, there is only the title and none of the content. I have tried the Power Automate solutions and the Copy solution within the ribbon in the Classic View. Any ideas?

@NinaGelo See my earlier post. The original Power Automates are no longer valid, if you adapt your Power Automate to the Print Screen ive posted on June 6th you should be able to copy the pages and assets of you wish. 

@Reddimension Thank you so much. I tried that one too and have the same problem. There is no content displayed on the page when it's moved to the destination library. 

@NinaGelo Sadly not. I've used that exact method to move about 200 pages from one site to another. i Would advise to review your steps. Are you moving modern pages to modern pages. I'd assume if you're doing legecy to modern it wouldn't work at all tbh. 

Thanks. I will try again, but yes, I've tried moving modern to modern, classic to classic, classic to modern and modern to classic. Even my boss who is our SP Administrator was unsuccessful moving the pages. He thinks it might be related to some companywide updates that were pushed out recently, perhaps causing a hiccup. I may put this down for a week and try again later. I'll update you if anything changes.
I think I may have figured out what I was doing wrong. I was trying to move the Site Pages from Site A to a regular document library in Site B. But I think Site Pages can only exist in Site Page libraries. When they are moved to a regular Document Library, the .aspx file renders in the library, but the content of the page is missing. Is this true that Site Pages can only exist within a Site Page Library?

@NinaGelo to my knowledge yes, which is why when I use that powerautomate to move pages across different sites now I make sure to direct it to the destination site's Site Pages library

@Corbenik Thanks. Wish that was made clearer somehow in the official documentation. I spent a lot of time trying to troubleshoot my flows when in fact the flows were working correctly; it's just that the destination library could not support the content type (site page). Now I know :)

@Reddimension, thanks so much for posting this! I'm new to Power Automate but muddled my way through thanks to your included example and the site page copied over successfully.  Much appreciated!

It still works contrary to what is mentioned later in the chat.
Yours work as well but perform a different function from that of @RobElliot. @RobElliot flow copies files individually and yours copy all files right away.