Move and share file scenario is not enabled for folders

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On SharePoint online when trying to move folder into another folder I receive the following error message:


However, I was unable to find any relatable information on it, or how to solve. Please help. 

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Hello @DariusL 


i have tried to move folders, with subfolders and files, and it work with "move to" and with "drag-and-drop".


Which way do you used?

Do you have enough permissions?


Best, Dave


Tried both methods to no avail.
I am certain that it was working in near past, but not sure what could have caused it to stop doing so...
I am also experiencing the same error message when trying to move a OneNote notebook between folders. Seems like a recent bug.

@DariusL  I'm having same issue.  Todays is when I try to move a document from my recycle bin to a folder using one drive error message pops up in red. ' MoveandShareFile scenario is not enabled for folders.'  


I ended up going out of OneDrive and going into SharePoint, opening documents, I resolved my current problem.  Today I'm trying to 'restore' a deleted document, when I tried to open OneDrive and Move It, I got the error message.  When I opened Sharepoint, then documents, the only options I have are to 'delete' or 'restore' which is what I needed to do.  


looks like menu error, in OneDrive.  Programmers need to adjust so OneDrive Document Menu options match SharePoint Document Menu options.

What is interesting is we have different choices when we open documents from OneDrive than we do from SharePoint.   In OneDrive we get the options in the picture on the left.

In SharePoint look how the document menu changes.  


Image from OneDrive                            Image from SharePoint/Site/Documents

ProjectBlueWorld_0-1677086858162.png          ProjectBlueWorld_1-1677087085316.png