ModernHillbillyTabs stopped working

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Hi everyone


We use an SPFX webpart called Hillbilly Tabs, which displays separate sections of a modern SharePoint page in a tabbed format.  This is useful for us with some pages that contain a lot of information, and the tabbed format means users don't have to do lots of scrolling up and down the page.  

More info on the web part can be found below:


This has worked fine for months but since Friday the sections don't show up in the tabs and just appear down the page.  Clicking the tabs doesn't do anything.  I've checked the F12 developer tools console and can't see anything that indicates any errors etc so I'm not sure why it's stopped working.  I've even tried creating a new page with the tabs web part but the same issue persists.


I suppose my question is in two parts:


1 - Does anyone else use this web part and have the same issue at the moment?

2 - Does anyone use any other web parts to achieve the same goal of splitting the sections of a modern page into tabs?


I'd be really grateful for any help anyone can give.


Thanks in advance.

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@gcjuw84 we have the same issue, have been using it for about a month and suddnly this week (as far as i noticed) it just displays the content in the sections down the page (as you described)


As yet i have not found another web part to replace this.


I did some digging about but couldn't find any reason for this to stop working.


Weirdly I've checked this evening and it seems that the web part is working again so not sure if yours is working as well?  The only thing I can assume is that something happened on Microsoft's side that affected the web part but this has now been resolved?

I just picked this up for my site and it looks as though it's not working again.

What I'd really like is the same functionality but the ability to change the tabbed content within the web part itself. As of yet no luck finding any SPFx solution that meets the need.