Missing sites under Destinations when I try to move or copy files in modern library

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When I try to move a file or folder, the destination dialogue box lists only a subset of sites I have access to under two headings: Following and Recent. How can I choose a site that is in neither of these categories?

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@Jan Andreas Knudsen I don't believe there is another way except to "Follow" the site prior to the copy / move operations.



Thanks for replying! That sounds like an incredibly cumbersome workflow for such a simple task.

I understand the frustration but I'm still grateful for the functionality and use it daily. The alternative, for me, was using Sharegate to move files around.



In my instance there are sites that I am following (they even show on my O 365 SharePoint home page on the left side under Following)  that are not available in the "Choose a Destination" list.


Yes  - I chose "Browse sites" to bring in more options.

Yes - I chose "Show More" under Following.... I did that until it brought back no additional sites


I also tried getting the site to show under Recent and could not get to it that way either.


It would be very useful if we could put in the URL of the destination site since the Browse function clearly has limitations.


Thanks for sharing your experiences.


@Jeff Ballard wrote:

It would be very useful if we could put in the URL of the destination site since the Browse function clearly has limitations.

That is not very user friendly for the average user. And then you would have to find the URL first. The only solution here is to make ALL sites available in the Save dialog box. A search field is the best solution, in my opinion.


Is there a solution or workaround to this? It's been a very frustrating experience so far.

Hi @Jan Andreas Knudsen did you ever find an answer to this issue?  I've come across the same, the destination dialogues box lists almost every Team I've ever been in but not the most recent one I've set up (and I've logged off and left it overnight and tried again).  My workaround is to copy all the files to my OneDrive and upload them to the new Team site from there...not ideal.  Thanks

@steph1710 anyone get an update on this? getting tired of downloading and uploading files just to work around this issue - it bogs down my downloads list...

@kdevos  Was a solution ever found for this? We have one user with this issue and he has owner rights to the sites he is trying to copy to

@danb1967 In the Teams client, go to the Teams Group, go to Files, add a new Word doc, etc.  Go back to the folder in SharePoint that you want to move, hit refresh in the browser.  Click Move, Browse sites.  You should see the group/site you were just in show up at the top of the list under Recent.

@kent_techThanks for the tip. Unfortunately it did not work for me.


Did you ever figure out a solution? I am still have this issue. @Jeff Ballard 

@AmySword Sadly, no. Even after two years this appears to be unresolved.

@Jan Andreas Knudsen, I just tried this and it worked for me:

1. Open the destination site (that you want to move things to) through the account that you want to move the items with.
2. Open any of the libraries (I use Documents since it's ubiquitous)
3. Drag a test file into it to "upload" it there.
4. Go back to your source site and try the move operation again. The destination site should now show up under "Recent".

I've been hitting my head against this for a few hours now, and this is the most reliable way that I've been able to find.

Good luck!

@Y_Svesh I appreciate the idea but it doesn't work for me.  Obviously this is a weakness.  I understand the feedback that putting in the URL isn't ideal but for those where this isn't working give us another option.  We have multiple sites and the one I cannot access now I even have tagged as a favorite.  My only option this is to sync the folders, and move and wait for OneDrive to update them all (not a fast process with a move).  Anyone have any hope for an alternative to be able to use the move feature to ensure we can see all the sites we have access to?

@DavidBerndt Here we are in June of 2021 and this still doesn't work.  This is beyond frustrating.  Such a simple thing to do and you can't even choose your destination outside of a list that MS thinks you might want and doesn't even include all the Teams/SharePoint sites you're a member or admin of.  No search bar?!  Boggles the mind.

While I like the cool new features that get added, a fundamental flow such as moving a file needs to work properly. This is a huge problem that goes unaddressed for years. So frustrating.

@Rob O'Keefe Fortunately, I was able to Follow the destination SharePoint site which then showed up as a destination for the Move.  I shouldn't have to do that, though.

Destination site is still not showing up in Favorites 4 hours after adding it as a favorite. However, I did find a workaround in Teams, assuming both Source and Destinations sites are Teams-enabled. I was able to access the source files in Team1 / Files tab, and Copy to Team2 / General folder.