Missing Permissions link in Document Library settings page




I have a really strange query with a user. They are the Site Owner for the site in which there are 3 different document libraries. In 2 of the DLs the site owner can go the Library Settings page and they see the 'permissions for this document library' link to set permissions for that library. But 1 of the libraries just does not have that link. They see all the other links and settings on the page, but just that one is missing. i have checked and the library is currently inheriting permissions, so why would that link be missing for a particular library?



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Out of curiosity, is it a modern team site or a classic one?

It's a classic site

This link should not be missed for any user that has the right to manage permissions in the document library so something is wrong with that library for sure...How did the customer create each library?

A simple workaround could be that you enter the URL manually. You need the Library ID for that. Easies way is you open any other Settings Page of the library (for example Versioning Settings: : https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/FachgruppeOffice365/_layouts/15/LstSetng.aspx?List=%7B6B295ADB-F0DA-4336-A19D-1012B43F02B4%7D)


Then replace LstSetng.aspx with user.aspx (https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/FachgruppeOffice365/_layouts/15/user.aspx?List=%7B6B295ADB-F0DA-4336-A19D-1012B43F02B4%7D)


Is this site available or does an error appear?

Hi. Thanks for your all your help, I found the problem was a permissions issue. The Document Library had inheritance broken and for some reason the user had only Design permissions for the Library. Evidently, this means you don't have access to permissions, which makes sense I guess. I reinherited the permissions and ther user can manage permissions again.


Thanks again for your feedback.

I had a similar issue and found out that the reason why the 'Permissions for this document library' link in Library Settings was missing for me was that even though I was in the Owners group of the site collection, I was also in the Members group, and for whatever reason, the lesser permission was being applied. As soon as I removed myself from the Members group, the lights came on (i.e. all the settings came back including the one I was after - 'Permission for this document library'. Weird why this happened but thought I'd mention it in case this rare occurrence happens to anyone else.