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I am trying to replace current system for purchase order approval which we have in company where I work. I've created process using power app, power automate and Microsoft list. We've started with test phase and so far everything is fine. My questions are:

1) Is this process safe in long term?

2) I found that it is possible to store up to 30 million items (in this case it will be 30 million PO's). Is this true? If yes, for example if I have 5 databases (one for purchase order, one for invoice approvals, one for approval hours, travel request, vacation) what will be the capacity? 30 million items for each list or it will be 30 million divided by 5, in that case average capacity will be 6 million items per list. What is the total storage?

3) What is the difference between modern experience and classic experience. I've changed my list to modern experience, but nothing has changed?

4) If I create folders within my list (one folder will be January, second one February and so on..), and each folder has less than 5000 items, but overall in total number of items exceed 5000 items, will I get list view threshold error in this case?


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My two cents here:
1) The process should be safe in the long term taking into account some limits you might arise such as the number of unique permissions you can have in a list. If you are not breaking inheritance in the list, then you are good to go
2) It's true, but bear in mind the limitations in regards of unique permissions in the list I mentioned in 1). When we talk about storage in SharePoint Online, we don't take into account the size of data that can be stored in a list or in a document library, but on the site the list resides: up to 25 TB if there is space available in the tenant.
3) You should be in modern experience by default, so not sure how you made the change unless you where working with a very old list that was still classic. Best reference to understand how modern lists look like is the Microsoft List reference site:
4) List View threshold is still there but Microsoft is continuously improving lists performance and over the time it will disappear. Indeed, you can easily test this with a test list where you add thousands of items and you will see you can work without problems with the list.
Thanks for clarification