Microsoft Lists (New UI) Bug - Date Columns now show incorrect Date

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Hi All,


Have noticed a quite major bug in the new UI affecting our lists with Date Columns. Ever since we got the new UI (yesterday morning it seemed to hit our tenant), date columns have become quite broken. 


For example, when looking at the list we can see this event is on 08/06/2023 which is incorrect! 



However, when you double click on the event to edit it, the actual correct date (06/09/2023) appears which is 1 month and 1 day after the date shown in the general list itself.




This bug/problem has only started happening since we got the new UI for Microsoft Lists as per this blog post: Microsoft Lists: Easier, Better, Faster, Stronger - Microsoft Community Hub. This seems to be a visual bug only as when you try to query the data in powerapps it is using the correct dates and not the bugged visual date as per the first screenshot. 


We have a workaround for now, but not sure if anyone here can pass this onto to someone from the Microsoft Lists team as this is not a great start to the new UI...


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You can raise a support ticket with Microsoft directly and report this issue: Get support for M365 - online support 

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We experienced the issue with the same dates you described. I raised a support ticket with our hosting partner and the view is correct for us this morning.



We have had this and many other major crashing issues. The Filters have completely broken down, sometimes they appear, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I have tried on different machines, different VM's and cleared caches and different browsers. Microsoft basically released a dumpster fire in Beta and is having their paid users test it for them for free. Probably because they fired 15,000+ employees in 2023 and it was probably alot of their QA team or some people that held things together. Microsoft has done this for years, but this has completely collapsed my management / scheduling because I relied heavily on ms list and power automate since we are in MS Teams. Well done Microsoft, way to show the rest of the world how NOT to deploy new UI / Code... You would think they would have learned by now. If this continues, I could see a mass migration.

Also, support tickets rarely fix anything. It ends up being you and the tech support on a call for 2 hours, and all they do is collect data and nothing happens beyond that. Reporting the bug also seems to not really do anything either.