MarkDown Document Template in a SharePoint Document Library

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When dropping a MarkDown document into a SharePoint Online document library, it works decently: SharePoint more or less renders the MarkDown and it's even possible to edit the file online using SharePoint's built-in text editor.


So, I made a MarkDown document template and added it to the "New" button. When creating a MarkDown document in the library this way, it doesn't behave like I hoped and expected:


What I hoped and expected:

* A copy of the MarkDown template is created in the current folder in the document library.

... so I could open this copy for editing by SharePoint's built-in text editor.

If the document library is synced with my local drive, I can also use my favorite editor to edit the MarkDown file.
(I secretly also hoped SharePoint would be able to parse MarkDown's metadata, but that would probably be too much to ask for - it seems to handle PDF metadata, so metadata isn't limited to Office document types)


What happens:

* A download dialog is opened to download a copy of the MarkDown template to my local machine.

... without any connection to the SharePoint library.


Is it possible to get the behavior I want: that a copy of the template is made in the document library?
I am not scared to do some programming to achieve this if needed.

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