Manage external users for "SharePoint" & "Office 365" groups when creating MS Teams

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I have create a new MS Teams, and i set it as private, as follow:-



which have created a new sharepoint site, which have the following external sharing settings:-

sharepoint sharing7.png

and also have created a new Office 365 group, which does not allow external sharing as follow:-



now i have the following questions:-

1) i have shared the sharepoint site with an external user, and the user can access the sharepoint site and upload documents. but i am not sure what the user can not do, since he was not added inside the Office 365 group?


2) as i know MS teams allow chatting through its desktop application, but seems the MS Teams itself does not have an external sharing settings.. so if i share the sharepoint site with an external user, will this user be able to chat with other members inside the MS Teams? the confusion is that MS Teams itself does not have an external sharing setting + does not have a module to add users to it...


Can anyone advice on my above 2 questions?


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Teams has guest access which gives rights to everything that is group connect including the SharePoint site and files. Sharing just the SharePoint site if using the “just the site” option only gives access to SharePoint only.

Here is the checklist article for setting up Teams guest access. Once configured you can just add a guest just like any other user to Teams using their email address.

Hi@john john ,


1) If you add the user into the SharePoint directly through the SharePoint permissions then they have access  to the SharePoint site and can do anything on the SharePoint site as per the permission level that you have given them.  They have no access to anything else in the Office 365 group or access to the Microsoft Team.  Any files that get added into the SharePoint  site via the Microsoft Team they will have access to.


2)  As @Chris Webb  mentions you need to setup guest access in Microsoft Teams, doing that will enable you to add Guest Users to the Microsoft Team which in turn adds them into the SharePoint site.  The setting is in the Teams Admin centre under Organisational settings. External Sharing/Guest Access cannot be done the other way around to give access to the Microsoft Team (EDIT: Through the Admin centre, see below for PowerShell options).

You do not need to do anything further for guest users to get access to the SharePoint site unless you have restricted SharePoint access by external domain in which case you need to go and set that in SharePoint tenant settings and the SharePoint site itself.



@Chris WebbOk thanks for the reply. so this means that i can only enable the guest access for MS Teams on the tenant level? and i can not do this per MS Team, for example to allow a MS Team to be shared with external user while prevent others (similar to how sharepoint external sharing works on per site basis)?

Replied to your other post but managing per team guest access is covered here.