Lookbook Contracts Site not provisioning

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Trying to use the lookbook to work with Syntex.  I have Syntex configured on the tenant and have created a content center but when trying to create the Contracts Site, I get the following error.

Pre-requirements not fulfilled!

The SharePoint Syntex Contract Managemant template is built on top of SharePoint Syntex and can only be installed if you as a user have a SharePoint Syntex license assigned.


I can't get past this.  Also, management is misspelled in the error - that's a whole other thing :)

Any idea what I'm missing?

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@StephenH830 this is a known issue and Microsoft is working on it. The template checks that the user has a syntex user license. I don’t have an ETA but probably a month or two

Great - thank you. Was beating my head against a wall yesterday trying to figure out what I had configured wrong and couldn't find a thing. This makes me feel a little more sane :)
I'm getting this error, too. Know of an update on a fix for this?