List Validation - Date Column value required based on another column status

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Hey all,

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I'm currently working on a SharePoint site that will look after staff members certification statuses and alert when they have x amount of days remaining.

I wanted to add some validation onto the expiry column, based on the certification column being set to yes.

For example:

Peter Smith has First Aider column set to yes, but the next column then is the ExpirationDate of that column.

Once a certification is marked to yes I would like for the corresponding expiration date to become an enforced value, I've done some digging but can't find a way to do it!

I was going to set it as a forced column, however it then triggers when they're certification status is blank/set to no.

Thanks in advance.

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This may resolve your issue with a trick.

I am thinking about using PowerAutomate, once a certification is marked to yes, is sending the user a notification and asking for the expiration date. You may want to change the status of the record to pending and show the users all final records. 

Please let me know if you like this idea or if you need more help.